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Impossible List

Published on July 25th, 2022 by Tyler Dixon

Last Updated: August 10th, 2023

What is an Impossible List?

I view my Impossible List to be a collection of personal ambitions that I've gathered all together in one place.

"But isn't that what a Bucket List is?" Not quite.

Of course, everybody has goals they'd like to achieve. It may take days, weeks, months, years, or even decades to complete, but thinking of the next step in life is natural. I've always viewed a Bucket List as a running list of events that I've in my head and someday I'll hopefully be able to complete them. Usually, they're once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, like skydiving or another extreme task. But without action, it is just that: a goal.

Now, I am nowhere near the first person to think of this idea. I first heard of an Impossible List in my freshman orientation class while attending Frostburg State University in Frostburg, Maryland. My professor showed us a video of what seemed like another guy on YouTube rambling on about college life, except this one stuck with me. The video was talking about the originator of The Impossible List, Joel Runyon. He talks about how The Impossible List is NOT a Bucket List and makes distinctions between the two.

A major difference that stands out to me between a Bucket List and an Impossible List is how dynamic it is. There is likely no end to my list, and frankly, it may be impossible to finish it, but that's why I want to start. Better to start and not finish than no progress at all, right? I view this as a step in the right direction. I'll be constantly checking back on my list to see what I can strive for next. And when one task is finished? Add another. I intend to post regular updates about my journey on my blog soon.

But for now, Welcome to my Impossible List!

Recently completed:

  • Zipline (Adventure)

  • 1,000-Pound Club (Fitness)

  • Work a remote job (Professional)

Current focuses:

  • Graduate college

  • Bulk to 200lbs


  • Graduate college

  • Own a Tesla before I turn 30

  • Shake an active NBA player's hand

  • Become self-sufficient


  • 1,000-Pound Club (squat/bench/deadlift combines over 1,000 lbs)

    • Current 1,130 lbs​

  • Bench 225 lbs

  • Squat 3 plates (315 lbs)

    • 4 plates (405 lbs)​

    • 450 lbs

  • Deadlift 4 plates (405 lbs)

    • 500 lbs​

    • 550 lbs

  • Weigh 200 lbs

  • Learn parkour flips (on a flat surface)

    • Backflip​

    • Gainer

  • Handstand for 1 min straight

  • Do a muscle-up

  • Run a 5K

    • Turkey Trot, Nov 23rd, 2017. ​23:03, 42nd overall.

  • Run a 15K

    • Great Allegany Run, October 1st, 2022. 1:09:04, 13th overall.

  • Run a half marathon

  • Run a marathon

  • Run a mile in less than 6 mins

  • Complete a Spartan Race

  • Complete a Tough Mudder

  • Cycle for 50 miles in one sitting/day

  • Go to Runningman Festival



  • Visit all 50 States in the US

    • Current: 21

  • Go on a road trip across the continental United States for 2 weeks

  • Get a passport

  • Visit a different Continent

  • Visit England​

  • Visit Ireland

  • Visit Spain​

  • Visit Italy

  • Visit Germany

  • Visit Japan


  • Work a remote job

  • Create 100 connections on LinkedIn

  • Grow my Instagram to 1,000 followers

  • Reach 1,000 visitors to my website

  • Give a talk to more than 50 people

  • Learn three different coding languages 



  • Complete Project 50 (July 26, 2022)

  • Complete 75 Hard (October 22nd, 2022)

    • Phase 1​

  • Wake up before 6 am for a month straight

  • Go to the Gym for 100 days straight (Except Sundays)



  • Design and create my own poster

  • Become proficient in 2 non-native languages

  • Sing karaoke

    • The Way I Talk- Morgan Wallen​



  • Play an entire song on guitar without looking at chords

  • Learn to snowboard well

  • Learn to drive a stick shift car well

  • Go skeet shooting / shooting range


  • Go skydiving

  • Do a hike with more than 1,000 ft elevation gain

    • Olomana Trail Oahu, Hawaii on July 9, 2022 (pictured)​

  • Do a standup comedy show

  • Swim with dolphins

    • Ko Olina Oahu, Hawaii on June 12, 2022​

  • Cliff dive from 30 feet

  • Experience zero gravity

  • Zip Line

    • Big Island Zipline Adventure Hawaii on July 6, 2023​

  • Go on an African Safari

Olomana Hike, portrait.JPG

Events to Attend

  • Total of 10 concerts

    • Current: 6

    • Bonus for being posted by the band's drummer? (pictured)

  • Premiere League soccer match at a team's home stadium

  • World Cup game

  • Rolling Loud

  • Morgan Wallen

  • Luke Combs

  • Zach Bryan

  • The Northern Lights

  • A music festival

  • Runningman Festival

  • A Toastmasters Event

Jxdn crowd_edited.jpg


  • Limit my wardrobe

  • Take a flight with only a carry-on bag


  • Go on an international trip

Personal Finance

  • Put 5 figures in the bank

  • Graduate college without debt

  • Earn $2,000 profit in a month

  • Leave a $100 tip at a restaurant

  • Earn $100 in a month from dividends

  • Max RothIRA in a year



  • Be an extra in a show/film

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