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000-A New Beginning of Starting a Blog

Updated: Feb 28

This initial post is a mere outline of what I'd expect this blog to look like as it comes to fruition. I have an idea in my head of what these posts will be like and I'm trying to bring the imagination to life. I imagine documentation of successes and setbacks, exploring new aspirations, and a testament to the power of relentless pursuit. Now with that being said, this is a new thing to me, and at first, it's likely to be messy; but here goes nothing.

I'd like to write a post a few weeks apart from each other with maybe a few impossible list updates in between or as a scheduled post. So when an Impossible List goal is achieved, I'll write a post about it and talk more about how I want to expand upon the thing. Who knows, it might help out somebody with similar ambitions. Or if a milestone isn't hit, an update about my life or some thoughts I've been pondering recently. At the very least I'd like to get one post on the last day of the month with highlights from that month. Then at the end of the year, it'll show how much I've accomplished in that year.

Central to this journey is the "Impossible List" concept, an audacious catalog of dreams and ambitions that serves as a compass of personal fulfillment. And you guessed it, writing a blog is now checked off my Impossible List. Here's my Impossible List, check it out! The Impossible List stems from reaching for lifelong goals now, because sometimes "later" becomes "never". How much time do we all truly have? Years will begin to slip away if you're not intentional with your time. Next thing you know, dreams have slipped away because it's too late. So start an Impossible List now, because now is better than never!

This decision to begin a blog was not taken lightly, as I've thought about it for going on two years now. Fear of imperfection and overthinking was a main factor. Yet, I remind myself that action, however imperfect, supersedes inaction.

I'm sure when I read this in a while I'll cringe at the structure or my syntax errors, but whatever. Gotta start somewhere, right? And if all else fails, I'll have a solid collection of embarrassing anecdotes to share at parties.

Here's to the first step of memories and the pursuit of the impossible.

What's on your Impossible List? Leave a comment and share your own goals!

Me hiking on top of Lanikai Pillbox Trail with the ocean behind me
Climbing Lanikai Pillbox Trail on Oahu, Hawaii

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